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On September 25 in the Atrium of the General Staff of the State Hermitage was held the award in the field of public relations PROBA-IPRA GWA 2014. Final results of the anniversary 15th award were announced, for the first time of the competition’s history, in the framework of the International Forum on Communications Baltic Weekend 2014.

“This is the first such experiment, for us: PROBA usually holds in december, but we are very pleased that participants of the Baltic Weekend is here too, with us. We were afraid of the lack of entries to the award due to the new dates. But this year competition broke all the records on the number of applications! Good result for the anniversary!"- shared his impressions Andrew Barannikov, the head of the organizing committee PROBA-IPRA GWA, vice-president of the Russian Association of Public Relations, chairman of the Association of Consulting companies in the field of public relations (ICCO) and CEO of SPN Communications.

This year, the organizing committee has collected unprecedented number of participants. The jury selected the winners from more than 230 applications - practical case studies and theoretical work - from 28 cities of Russia.

The most popular of 9 nominations were "Best Social PR-project" and "Best campaign using digital-tools". The winners were determined by leading Russian experts in the field of PR: Stanislav Naumov, the president of the Russian Association of Public Relations (RASO), Marina Shishkina; the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg, professor, president of RASO in 2002-2006; Olga Dashevskaya , founder and senior partner of PR Inc.; Anastasia Demidova, head of the International Communication Consultancy Association (ICCO); Jeanna Dembo, deputy director of public relations of FC «Zenit»; Dmitriy Gavra, head of public relations faculty at High business school of journalism and mass communications of the St. Petersburg State University, and many others.

There was a surprise for the guests of the ceremony from the State Hermitage Museum - tour on the exposition of the European Biennial of Contemporary Art "Manifesta 10", which was held in St. Petersburg at the first time.

"This year Hermitage marked 250 years. And what do we do at birthday? Sure, we give gifts to all our guests! - said the deputy director for exhibitions and development of the State Hermitage Vladimir Matveyev. - PROBA is our joint gift for professionals in public relations. We are very glad that among the nominees there are projects that support culture. Therefore, we are especially pleased to welcome you in our new building of the Hermitage.

In one of the most prestigious nominations, «PR-specialist of the Year" the winner was Oleg Poletaev, director of advertising and PR of group of companies "SU-155". "Perfect  PR-specialist does not work for the paper on the wall, but for the idea: the idea of a good project, the idea of quality work. In my opinion, PR specialists are like vitamins for business, doctors who treat those things that are not healthy. We do business more open and healthier. Today's award is a confirmation that we are doing the right thing," -commented the winner.

"Best campaign using digital-tools" was a project made by interactive marketing communications agency “Traffic Isobar”. It is symbolic that the basis for the campaign "Sees more than your eyes" was the riddle of famous painting by Kazimir Malevich "Black Square", exhibited at the State Hermitage Museum.

Corporate television "Danone TV" created by "Danone industry" recognized "The best project in the field of internal corporate PR”.

"Best Corporate Edition" became magazine called “HEINEKEN. Algorithm for success”, by a group of companies LyudiPeople.

"The best work on the theory of PR” was given to Alexander Chumikov ("International Press Club. Chumikov PR and consulting") for series of books "Modern technology of PR. Master class of Alexander Chumikov " ("Crisis Communications", "Media Relations", "Negotiation. Facilitation.Mediation", "Communication campaigns").

Public organization "Code of the city" won the award in nomination "Best Project in corporate PR» with the project "Library of Gogol: more than a library." 2nd place prize went to Kostroma regional branch of the North-West "MegaFon" with the project "Kopeika goes to people", and 3rd place - the agency "Mihailov and Partners" for the "Olympic project Samsung».

In the most popular category "Best Social PR-project", which received more than 60 applications, there were also three winners.

1st place went to the charity fund "Exit in Saint-Petersburg" for the project "Anton's right here", aimed to solve problems of social adaptation of adult women and men with disabilities.

2nd place was awarded to the charitable foundation of social support and protection of citizens “Road to Life” with the project "Mom is working."

3rd ranked company was Media Markt with the project "First Russian program in collecting batteries."

The best young smarts have also received the recognition they deserved. For the work, "Formation of image of the city Kirov in terms of historical identity" Olga Cherezova, student of Vyatka State University, was awarded in the category "Best student work on the theory of PR».

"Best Student PR-project" was a campaign promoted the TV-channel "Saint-Petersburg" among young audiences by Gladneva Julia, Daria Abramova and Alexandra Prihodko, students of Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University”.

Also this year, in the framework of PROBA-IPRA GWA, there were new nominations.

Special Prize of the PROBA-IPRA GWA was awarded to “Elefante” agency for the project «Eventiada».

Company "MegaFon" and communication agency AXIS added to Grand Prix of the festival "Cannes Lions" a victory in the category «Creative Grand Prix» at the PROBA-IPRA GWA 2014 for the project of interactive pavilion «MegaFaces» in Olympic Park Sochi.

The prize in the category «Effective Grand Prix» for a communication solution that brought the best result – went to the charity fund "Exit in Saint-Petersburg" for the project "Anton's right here."

Honorary prize «PROBA Award for Lifetime Achievement in Public Relations» - special prize for contribution to the development of Russian PR industry, which was awarded for the first time, went to Igor Pisarskiy, chairman of RIM Porter Novelli.

International award PROBA-IPRA GWA holds annually since 2000 and collects the best works of PR-specialists and groups of authors of different institutions, which interested in the development of professional communications. Winners of PROBA-IPRA GWA receives IPRA Golden World Awards nomination - one of the most prestigious international awards in the field of public relations.