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Terms of Participation

Terms of Participation in The Baltic Weekend: König Edition

1. To participate in the conference an application form should be filled in in advance.

2. An individual application form should be filled in for each attendee.

3. The completed application form should be sent to Baltic Weekend 2018 Organizing Committee by fax +7-812-380-00-07 or by e-mail

4. The Organizing Committee will accept applications for participation until 13th of April, 2018.

5. Participation in Baltic Weekend 2018 involves certain costs, as detailed below.

6. The cost of participation in the main program of the conference (including a participant kit (information materials on the conference)) is RUB 50 000.

7. The cost of full delegate package (including participation in the main conference program and accommodation in Radisson Hotel, Kaliningrad) is RUB 60 000

8. The cost of participation in the Weekend Party is RUB 8 500.

9. If the application is received before the 12st of March, 2018, the cost of participation in the main program of the conference is RUB 40 000.

10. A group discount of 15 % will be granted if three or more representatives from the same company take part in the conference.*

11. The 10 % discount will be granted to members of the Russian Communications Agencies Association (AKAR), the Public Relations Association (RASO), the Association of Managers of Russia (AMR) and the Association of Public Consultants (AKOS).*

12. Discounts are not summarized.

13. Attendance of all events held within the format of Baltic Weekend 2018 and the receipt of all materials is possible only after getting official accreditation.

14. The registered participant can assign the right of participation in the conference to another person, having informed the Organizing Committee beforehand. This should be done in writing before 10th of April, 2018.

15. Accreditation of journalists is carried out via the website of the conference (please, follow the link).

*The discount is provided for all classes of accreditation except the main program of the conference.

For more information please contact the Organizing Committee:
Nadezhda Danilevskaya
Phone/Fax: +7-812-380-00-07