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Weekend With “Russian Newsweek”: Famous Weekly Becomes A Partner Of The Conference

Russian Newsweek magazine has become the informational partner of The Baltic PR Weekend 2006 conference.
Cooperation with one of the most progressive and popular amongst businessmen editions, as representatives of the Organizational Committee remark, is especially relevant in the light of еру specific perspective of the sixth conference: the subject of many speeches, discussions and round tables within the framework of The Baltic PR Weekend 2006 will be mass media and various aspects of relations thereof.  
Russian Newsweek is a Russian version of the world-renowned news weekly Newsweek. It is issued in Russia since 2004 by Axel Springer Russia publishing house, a subdivision of the biggest German publishing concern Axel Springer AG.
Russian Newsweek gives impartial, comprehensive view of the events and trends in the country and worldwide, from business and politics to science and arts. The weekly excels by pointed problem raising, exclusive materials, apt headlines, and illustrative presentation of information.
For two years running Russian Newsweek was a winner of the honorary diploma of the Sales Leader contest arranged by the Association of Printed Output Distributors.
The editor-in-chief of the weekly is Leonid Parfyonov, one of the leading Russian journalists, the author and host of many TV projects, the most famous of which is “Namedni”, a series of analytical programs broadcasted by NTV channel.
Newsweek magazine appeared in America in 1933. Currently, of all the weekly editions, it holds the largest network of regional editions throughout the world.  The total audience of the magazine is 26 million readers in 190 countries; the audience of the Russian edition exceeds 95 thousand people.
The magazine’s mission is presenting the events in the global prospects for international audience. The electronic resource of the magazine, (in cooperation with MSNBC service and the biggest world portal MSN), not only places materials of the printed version of Newsweek, but also submits on-line stream of news from the entire world to the users. The Internet version of the Russian Newsweek is available at: