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Irina Malkova introduces the new business media "The Bell" at Baltic Weekend

For the first time, co-founder and chief editor of the media start up "The Bell" Irina Malkova will present within the agenda of international forum on communications Baltic Weekend that will take place in St. Petersburg on September, 20–21. Expert will introduce new business media and will give a speech on how to tell about complicated issues in easy way, how to attract readers with non-entertaining content.

Irina Malkova started her career as a journalist in Vedomosti newspaper in 2005. After 5 years, she became the leading Vedomosti correspondent in the field of oil and gas. In 2011 she moved to Forbes investigation department. In 2013 she was promoted to the head of the department. In 2014–2016 she worked as deputy editor-in-chief of RBC media portal where she was in charge of all business related departments and business news. She also participated in media investigations of RBC as an author. In 2016–2017 Irina worked as editor-in-chief of internet-platform Republic (formerly

Since 2017 she has been working on the position of editor-in-chief of "The Bell". A small group of journalists headed by Elizaveta Osetinskya launched the project last year, it rapidly grew to one of the most well-known media sources in Russia. The main objective of "The Bell" is to be useful for business people saving their time for media searching. "The Bell" tells about the main issues interesting for those who are striving for success and seeking for newest trends.

Irina will present within plenary session during the first day of international forum on communications Baltic Weekend.