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Artificial Intelligence for business from Evgeniy Legkiy within agenda of Baltic Weekend

Evgeniy Legkiy, co-founder of artificial intelligence research lab HINT Lab, will present at the international forum on communications Baltic Weekend. Expert will tell about the present and future of AI, perspective researches and technological innovations that would be useful for business and have impact on its future development.

Evgeniy has a degree in engineering design and development of automatic systems. He worked in such companies as LG and JetBrains. Since 2004 he has been working with Big Data machine learning. At the same time, he started his scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence. Since 2013 he worked as investor and adviser in several technological startups and joined jury committees for machine learning competitions, acted as consultant for artificial intelligence technologies in Sberbank.

In 2011 he founded a company called Segmento ( and until 2017 he was a General Director. Segmento is a high-tech company that specializes in personalized on-line advertisement based on technology of  RTB (real-time bidding).

Technology is based on algorithms of artificial intelligence that operates with unique on-line and offline data. In 2015 Sberbank purchased the company`s controlling stake. Since 2016 Segmento began supporting data scientists community.

Since 2017 Evgeniy decided to start with his partners his own artificial intelligence lab – HINT Lab. Lab is executing commercial and fundamental research in the field, combining scientific methods of machine learning, cognitive sciences and neurobiology. In addition Evgeniy and his team study and assemble hybrid systems when human and machine are working in symbiosis, supplementing each other. Lab cooperates with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia) and MIT (the USA).

Expert will present on the second day of the international Forum on Communications Baltic Weekend within the session “Large chains of artificial data pressure man with its intellect or whether there will be a place for us in the new world”.