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Andrey Sebrant during Baltic Weekend dispels the myth about Artificial Intelligence

Andrey Sebrant, strategic marketing director, Yandex, for the first time will present within communications Forum Baltic Weekend, which will take place in Saint Petersburg on September 20–21. Expert will dispel myths threats and problems concerning  artificial intelligence. In addition, he will talk on how to use effectively and develop artificial intelligence companies.

Theme: What is the threat of overall public insanity about artificial intelligence? How to monitor this information “bazaar”?

Andrey joined Yandex in 2004 as the special projects director.

He was born in Moscow, November 21, 1954. Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology majoring in experimental physics in 1977. After graduation he started working in the branch of Kurchatov Institute.

In 1989, he began to combine scientific research with work for internet campaigns, actively participating in international educational on-line initiatives. In 1995 he took the position of marketing director in one of the first Russian internet companies Glasnet. From 1997 until 2001 worked as an editor in Russian branch of American multimedia internet recourse About. In 2001–2003 Andrey took the position of general producer and strategic director of Russian branch of Lycos Europe, the largest internet portal in Europe at that time.

He also participated in development and promotion of such famous Russian internet resources as,, and others.

Andrey Sebrant is a Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, author of more than 60 scientific researches in the field of laser physics and non-linear processes of intersection between laser radiation and substance and interactive marketing. He is an editor-in-chief of professional magazine Internet-marketing since its establishment in 2001. He gives lectures about interactive marketing in various business schools of Russia On the regular basis.

Andrey presentation will take place during the first day of the Baltic Weekend within plenary session.