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Andrey Vasiliev

Head Editor of Joint Editorial Department of ZAO “Kommersant. Publishing House”, editor-in-chief of “Kommersant” newspaper.

Andrey Vasiliev was born in Moscow on July 20, 1957 and attended Moscow State Institute of Chemical Engineering, but never completed his study there. His experience includes working for such newspapers as “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Moskovskie Novosti” and “Sobesednik”, as well as ORT TV Company (Public Russian Television).

Mr. Vasiliev started his career as a journalist in 1979 in the newspaper “Moskovskiy Komsomolets”.

In 1988 a Sobesednik columnist Vladimir Yakovlev set up a co-operative called “Fact”, which was soon joined by Andrey Vasiliev. In 1990 the co-operative was reorganized into “Kommersant” Publishing House. Thus, Andrey Vasiliev was virtually one of Kommersant’s founders. The very first issue of the newspaper was followed by Andrey Vasiliev’s appointment to the post of editor-in-chief.

Besides, in 1992-1996 Andrey Vasiliev took part in a joint project with Leonid Miloslavsky – “YURIGAGARIN” advertising agency. The project was a success: commercials produced by the agency obtained several prestigious awards.
In 1996 Andrey Vasiliev left “Kommersant” to work as deputy general producer at ORT. In August 1996 he returned to “Kommersant” to fill the post of editor-in-chief of “Vlast” analytical weekly, where he worked up to June 1997.
In June 1997 he started working for ORT again, now as Head of Informational Programs Directorate, and was soon appointed Deputy General Manager of ZAO “Public Russian Television” (ORT).

On August 23, 1999 Andrey Vasiliev turned to “Kommersant” again and for the third time came back to “Kommersant” as newspaper’s editor-in-chief and head editor of Joint Editorial Department of ZAO “Kommersant. Publishing House”, the post he has been holding up to this day.

Andrey Vasiliev succeeded not only in journalism. In 1978 he played one of the main characters in a feature film “When I’ll Become a Giant”. In 1997 he played in a performance “A Villain, or a Dolphin’s Cry” directed by Mikhail Efremov.