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Sergey Minaev

Writer, publicist

Sergey Sergeevich Minaev was born in Moscow and has been living there since January 25, 1975. Now he is engaged in wine business, social and political journalism and literature. He received higher education in the Institute for History and Archives of the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH). Unfortunately, he did not used it in practice, but it allowed Mr. Minaev to draw historical parallels and make retrospective journeys into history which undoubtedly makes him a good company. What he usually talks about appears in his personal column at Vzglyad.Ru or in his articles in the Burzhuazny Zhurnal (Bourgeois Journal).

Basically, it is the author’s personal view on the most important events happening in media, business, politics and society. At one point his notes on napkins in restaurants, columns and short essays gave birth to the novel “Dukhless”. Later he wrote “Media Sapiens” and “The Telki”.

Besides, every Thursday Sergey Sergeevich presents his program “Media Sapiens” on RSN radio, and every Sunday together with Igor Goncharov he hosts the show “Igry Idiotov” (“Idiots’ games”) on Channel А One.