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Maxim Shevchenko

Editor-in-Сhief of Smysl magazine, presenter of the TV programme Sudite Sami on Channel One

Maxim Shevchenko graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, having specialized in systems programming. His second education is incomplete – a course in Oriental Studies at the Institute of Asian and African Studies at Moscow State University.

From 1990 until 1991 he worked as a Junior Editor for the scientific and research society Rateks.

Between 1990 and 1996 he cooperated with the literary almanac Tverdy Znak (Hard Sign).

From 1990 to 1992 he was a member of the political council of the Christian Democratic Union of Russia.

From 1993 until 95 he taught Russian and Western European history at the First Orthodox Classical School Radonezh-Yasenevo.

He has been working in independent journalism since 1987 and is now one of the leading Russian journalists and experts in the field of ethnic, cultural and religious policy.

He worked in such periodicals as the Christian Democracy Bulletin (1987–1991, special correspondent), September 1st (1992–1995, Head of the Society and Culture Department), Independent Newspaper (1995–2002, Author of the project and responsible Editor of the supplement Independent Newspaper-Religion), Special Correspondent in “hot spots” (worked in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Dagestan, Yugoslavia, Israel and Palestine), Smysl (Sense) magazine (author of the project and Editor-in-Chief).

In 2000 he founded the Strategic Research Center for Modern World Religion and Politics – an independent non-profit expert and analytical community which unites experts and analysists specializing in problems of modern political, social, mythological and religious awareness.

He is currently a presenter of the social and political talk show Sudite Sami (Judge for Yourself) on Channel One, as well as a number of analytical programmes on the Mayak Radio Station.